Prof. Dr. med. Frank Ulrich Montgomery

“These are surgical procedures for which there is no medical justification.
To us, fairness alone is no reason to intervene with a person’s hormones. You also have to consider the risks involved. “

(Prof. Dr. Montgomery)

Steve Cornelius

[The IAAF is] “funding their own research, but with total disregard for the rights or interests of the athletes that are affected. And it actually shows a disgraceful lack of regard for the athletes that are affected and how it affects them, if they’re touched by these regulations.”

(Steve Cornelius)

These regulations have caused severe harm to athletes. Their rights were violated before, during and after these medical interventions. Annet says she never felt she had a choice to say ‘no’. She was not informed clearly about the surgery which is life-changing and irreversible. And she was never told by any of the doctors about long-term medical support after the surgery.
How unfair is that?

(Payoshni Mitra)

“These surgeries are human rights violations. […] And they breach a series of international human rights legal standards. Indeed it is an obligation of the IAAF […] to put standards forward that don’t violate international human rights law. […] They have fundamentally failed to do that on multiple occasions and they continue to fail.

(Kyle Knight)

Bruce Kidd

“As a former Commonwealth champion in athletics, I am horrified that the international body of my sport has conducted a systematic campaign of persecution and butchery against outstanding female athletes with DSD from the Global South, such as Annet Negesa. The IAAF policies which led to this brutal campaign were created and approved in violation of every principle of science-based policy-making established by the UN and most western governments. They were based on their own investigations, with virtually no independent scientific reviews, standards of evidence, ethical considerations nor consultation with the women affected, and implemented with neither the education of the officials responsible nor protections for athletes’ rights. It is a disgrace to sport.

The policy should be abolished, and proper medical care and financial reparation paid to Annet and other athletes.”

(Bruce Kidd)